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Support & Assistance.

Channels of contact amiPASS.

Attention to People

If you are an user who buys with amiPass, contact us at:


For billing information, contact us at: Enter your platform: www.amiPASS.com

Call Center: Option 2

Sell with amiPASS

If you are a commerce and you want to sell with amiPASS, contact us at:

Attention Shops

If you need attention or support, contact us at:

Business Service

If you are a cliente Company, contact us at:

Client Companies

If you are a Company that wants to contract amiPASS services.

Call center

You can contact us at our telephone center at:


8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Attention People

If you shop with amiPASS, contact us at:


For billing information, contact us at:

Log in to your platform www.amiPASS.com Or Call center option 2

Sell with amiPASS

If you are a business, and you want to sell with amiPASS, contact us at:

Attention retailers

If you need attention or support, contact us at:

Business Service

If you are a business client, contact us at:

Client Companies

If your company wants to contract AmiPASS services, contact us at:

Call center

You can contact us via our call centre from

Monday-Thursday 8:00am-19:00Hrs. Friday 8:00am-18:00Hrs.

Frequent questions

Doubts and regarding the use, problems and how to be part of amiPASS

My Orders

Once you Access the application, you will be able to select a business from the list displayed in the home page of the application, search for businesses using the filters that are displayed or by searching for your preferred location by name. Choose the business you want and place your order!

Enter the amiPASS application and you will see a list of stores, additionally you can select a particular address for the search, the app will show all the stores where you can buy with amiPASS near you, in addition to their payment method.

Our coverage is super wide; In your mobile application, local search section, you can find many shops, from supermarkets to small shops, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, grocery stores, minimarket and much more.

You just have to send us the local data to hola@amipass.com or throught the service channel links that are shown in the app and we will contact you to enter them into our network of stores so you can enjoy their products.

For now it´s only posible to buy at one location in each order.

Yes, you must enter your friend´s address, phone number and name indicating that person will receive the purchase.

There is no additional cost, you only have to pay the cost of the order to the selected merchant.

The tip is voluntary and at the discretion of each user. If you want to tip the delivery man, you can do it at the time of delivery.


To any address that has coverage in one of the available locations. Be sure to review the shipping conditions before placing your order.

Select the delivery address from the moment you search for the business of your choice.

It means that the place you have chosen does not have coverage in that location. Try other merchants making sure they have the “Delivery” tag enabled.

The estimated delivery time is the information assigned by the local. The variation of the estimated time is influenced by the demand, the availability of delivery people, the traffic, the weather or other factors.

Contact the business if you can to see the status of your order, if there is no solution you can contact us through any of our official communication channels and we will carry out the management for you.

Dispatches are made to all the communes of Santiago.

My Payments

Our payment methods are:

  1. AmiPASS card.
  2. WebPay: Credit Card (Amex, Visa and MasterCard) and Debit Card.

When you Access the application for the first time, you can select the “Pay” option from the Home WebPay OneClick, it will direct you to the Transbank screen where you can register your Debit and Credit payment methods.

When you register a new Credit Card in the amiPASS app, a symbolic charge is made to verify the validity of the operation. The value is automatically returned in seconds.

Verify that the payment method you are using is among the payment methods enabled for your order.

Verify that the information you entered when adding your card is correct.

Verify that you have sufficient funds on your card to make the purchase.

Try making the payment with another credit or debit card.

Remember that paying by card allows you to control your expenses and manage returns easily with us. If you verified these points and you are still unable to make your payment, you can choose to pay in cash when you receive your order or contact us so that an Executive can help you.

You can buy all the products in the food category (prepared and to be prepared), as well as beverages (non-alcoholic), without stamp limitations.

Products of categories other tan food and beverages; such as: cleaning ítems, personal care, tobacco and others. The purchase of alcoholic beverages is also excluded.

You can only pay with amiPASS food products, check your shopping cart again. You can cancel the rest of the products with another means of payment in an additional purchase.

If you can pay with a third-party amiPASS card, you can make the payment but the payment method will not be saved in the system for security measures.

My Account

From the main screen of the amiPASS application, select the option “Forgot your password?” and follow the system instructions.

If you do not see your email in the Inbox, check the Spam or Junk folder.

Be careful to not share your password with other people.

Once you enter the application, in the Drawer Menu located in the upper left part of the screen, select the option “My profile” and you will be able to update your name, surname, gender and date of birth.

One of our priorities is to provide you with total confidence throughout your experience. What happens to your account?* I don´t recognize and order.* My account was used by other people.* I lost Access to my email and now I can´t access it. Contact us through the email hola@amipass.com or our service channels located in the app and provide us with the details and supporting documents.

We will review what happened.

These movements are carried out by your employer or the Municipality that grants the benefit, so if you have any questions regarding the charge and balance discount, you can directly contact the área in charge of your Company or municipality.

In these situations, for security reasons, you must block your card through the website www.amipass.com or through the Call Center (2) 2216 1300.

Food Safety

Restaurants and delivery drivers are expected to adhere to food safety regulations and industry best practices when preparing or handling your order. Describe the food safety problem in detail.

What was the safety problem? If applicable, how were you injured? Photo of the article with the problem of food safety. We will review the details of the problem and follow up accordingly.

About amiPASS

It´s a platform to buy food of all kinds online, from sushi to supplies for your pantry with direct delivery to your home, withdrawal or consumption on the premises.

Download the application on your Android (Play Store) or iOS (App Store) cell phone, enter with your username and password, you can declare your tastes by selecting the ones of your preference and register your address, we will show you options where to buy or you can even search for it by name.

If the merchant has the shopping cart enabled, you will be able to choose one or more ítems from your menu or supply product, place an order for Delivery or Pick up in store, pay for the purchase with amiPASS or WebPay and in minutes you will be able to enjoy your purchase or you can buy on the spot.

EVERYONE! Anyone with email can shop on the amiPASS app and enjoy the shopping experience.


As son as your order is cancelled, the system automatically requests the return of the money to your card, the delay time will dependo n the policies of your bank, in case of a payment with amiPASS, the refund is automatic.


The transfer of balance can only be made between collaborators of the same Company, that is, in order to transfer balance, both people must be hired under the same Company Name.


Basic questions

We are the best ally for your business because we offer you 100% secure online platforms and mobile applications, providing you with management and advertising tools; with first class technology to collect and control sales, linking thousands of customers to your business on a daily basis.

Fill out the incorporation form.

Sanitary Resolution.

Photo of both sides of the legal representative's identity card.

If you want to start now, register your business here.

Customers pay with the amiPASS application installed on their phone (you can have the merchant APP on your device). For this reason, you do NOT need to lease equipment and there are NO fixed costs for your merchant if you work with us.

amiPASS will pay you for sales receivable. You must issue an invoice for the total amount of sales made at your location using our system. After we receive the invoice, we will pay you within the agreed-upon time frame. If you do not issue an invoice, amiPASS does it for you.

Billing and payment questions

On the first days of each month, a summary of your sales with amiPASS will be sent to the email address you provided to us. This summary, called a "proforma", will also contain all the information necessary for you to issue an electronic invoice to amiPASS for the total amount indicated to you.

Once the invoice has been received and acknowledged, you will be paid within the timeframe agreed upon when you enrolled in our system.

The electronic invoice must be sent to dteamipass@desis.cl in XML format in order to be received by the SII, registered in our system and paid later.

Remember that if you do not issue an invoice, amiPASS will do it for you.

If your merchant does not issue an invoice, amiPASS does it for you.

In this case, amiPASS issues a purchase invoice, withholds VAT and declares it.

After that, amiPASS issues the commission invoice to the merchant and this document is sent to the registered mailing address.

The proforma is the detail of the sales you have had with amiPASS.

You will receive it automatically on the first days of each month, to the email address you gave us. You can also receive it every 2, 7, 15 or 30 days if you requested it when you filled out the amiPASS enrollment form.

In this proforma you will be informed of the exact amount for which you must issue the invoice and all the corresponding information to be able to do it.

No, you do not have to provide a receipt because if you do, you would be paying double VAT. This is because the VAT is already paid when you issue the invoice for sales made with amiPASS.

Enter amipass.com with the RUT of your business and the alphanumeric key, then select STATUS OF ACCOUNT, the proforma pending to be invoiced will be highlighted in yellow.

After having received and received the invoice, you will be paid in the time agreed at the time of affiliation, the invoice will be paid minus the commission invoice.

Sales and advertising questions

The following types of retail advertising are available:

Digital graphics, which you can print and paste on the premises. You can also upload them to your merchant's social media or website.

The customer's amiPASS APP will display the name of your business, contact number, type of food you offer and how to get there via GPS.

Your business can be mentioned on social networks showing your logo and the food you offer.

Notifications are sent to our customers with the promotions you have for them. The more powerful, the better for them.

Payment and legal questions

It is not a contract, it is a commercial agreement that does not bind you to a definite time, so you can undo it whenever you want. To do this, you must contact customer service and tell them that you want to disenroll your merchant from amiPASS (there is no extra cost).

No, there are no fees associated with disenrolling your merchant from amiPASS.

Once you are part of amiPASS; you will be given the access codes to enter the training platform, where you can find all the tutorials to be able to sell, operate and solve your doubts which you can share with your staff.

You can have any type of bank account for amiPASS to credit payments to your merchant.

There are the following ways to verify the customer's payment:

In the APP COMERCIO, you click on the option " sales" and there will appear the daily sales that your commerce has had with amiPASS.


Both you and the customer will receive a Proof of Sale in the mail.

With your credentials you can access www.amipass.com and there you will find both the daily and historical sales of your store.

To sell with amiPASS, simply fill out the form with the requested information.

Complete the requested information so that we can later make the payment for the sales you make to users.

The information requested is related to the bank account where we will make the payment of your sales, the address for our users to identify that you receive payments with amiPASS, type of business, among others.

You can be receiving payments with amiPASS in 5 minutes.

If you want to start now, sign up your merchant here.

amiPASS promotions

Menu discount, combo or discount on one or more products you have available in your business for your amiPASS customers.

If you need more information: promociones@amipass.com.

Percentage discount, total purchase discount, or discount on one or more of the products you have available in your business for your amiPASS customers.

For more information: promociones@amipass.com.

Pre-assembled boxes of 4 different sizes, with products of your choice, for your customers to buy directly and at affordable prices with amiPASS.

If you need more information: promociones@amipass.com.

Welcome to amiPASS! Request the attention of a sales executive by fillingo ut the information requested here.

With amiPASS you can cover all corporate food expenses: lunches, coffee breaks, meetings, training, birthday celebrations and more.

With amiPASS you will not only get tax savings, you will also be able to reduce benefit management times thanks to our 100% online platform. Simulate your tax savings here.

amiPASS has a wide network of merchants throughout Chile; in addition, thanks to our digital payment technologies, we can affiliate those merchants that the company needs in record time, we adapt to the client´s needs.

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