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In the next list you will find the answers to the main questions about amiPASS services.


. If you want to enjoy the advantages of our platforms, benefits and promotions, you have to request your employer the delivery of the supply food benefits with amipass.

Login to your amiPASS mobile app and press the option “Forgot Password?” (located at the top, right corner), insert your rut and email.

If the email that was inserted is different from the one that is registered in your account you must contact us by typing us at contacto@amipass.com or calling us at the 2 2216 1300 (Hours: Monday to Thursday, from 8:30-19:00 and Friday until 18:00)
For your safety, you will have two (2) different passwords.

Payment password: ( the one you insert each time you realize a purchase) will have 4 digits.

Internet password: (The one you use to login to your account rather in the app than in the web) It will have to be alphanumeric (numbers and letters) and have between 7 and 12 characters.
The payment password is the one you have to use each time that you realize a purchase with amiPASS. It is composed of four (4) digits.

For your safety, we recommend you to change it once you login to your amiPASS account for the first time, by a new personalized one that is easy to remember for you.
The internet password is the one you must use each time you log in to your amiPASS account, either by your amiPASS mobile app or on the web. The internet password is composed by between 7 to 12 alphanumeric characters (numbers and letters).

It is recommended for your safety, to change this password for one that will be easy for you to remember and, that only you know.
Our coverage is very wide; in your mobile app, on the stores finder section, you will be able to find many businesses, from supermakets to small stores, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, groceries stores, minimarkets and much more.
You can buy every product that belongs to the food category (prepared and unprepared), such as drinks (non-alcoholic), without any limitation of them.
You cannot buy products of categories differents of foods and beverages, such as cleaning, grooming, tobacco, and other products. It is also excluded from the buy of alcoholic beverages.
Enter the business searcher on your amipass app, and you could find the near businesses where you can buy with amipass, and you could do it by writing a specific address or by geolocation. Besides, you could see the way of payment and promotions available.
You only have to leave us the information of the shop here You only have to leave us the information of the shop.
In case of any of these situations, you must block your card for security. Enter to your account from the amipass app or by the website (with your RUT and password), then in the menu, you have to click “Block your account” and follow the steps that the platform will indicate you.

Next to this, we will automatically receive a request to impress a new card, which will be sent to your employer in the next three (03) working days.
These transactions are realized by your employer so in case of any doubt that is related to the charge and discount of your balance, you can contact directly to the responsible department of these matters in your company.


Welcome! Request to be attended by a seller executive filling the requested information here. aquí.
With amipass you can cover every corp expense of food supply: lunches, coffee break, meetings, training, celebrations, and others.
With amipass you will obtain not only tax savings, but you could also reduce the time you employ to manage the benefits thanks to our 100% online platforms.
Amipass has a wide network of shops around Chile; besides, thanks to our technologies of digital payment, we can affiliate any shop that the business needs in record time, we adapt ourselves to the needs of the customers.


Joining amiPASS is very easy, you can contact us at WhatsApp +56 9 3427 8599 or write to us at tumejoraliado@amipass.com
Please send us an email where you indicate us the problem, as the rut of the business to comercios@amipass.com, a support executive will contact you.
Enter to your internet platform with your RUT and password, then select the option “Balance account”
The first day of each month il will automatically be generated a proforma which corresponds to the previous month, and it will arrive to the registered email by the business. This proforma will indicate the sells to be invoiced by the business
Please send us the physical document here: Av. Raúl Labbe 12.613 oficina 226, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, within the following schedule:

Mondays to Thursdays from 8:30 to 19:00 hours. Fridays from 8:30 to 18:00 hours.
Send it to dteamipass@desis.cl in XML or PDF format.
You only have to enter the option. Forgot password? In your amipass business mobile app or in the website amipass.com with the RUT and email of the registered business.

In the case that you do not remember the email, you must communicate with us at comercios@amipass.com or call us at the 2 – 22161300, Schedule: Mondays to Thursdays from 8:30 to 19:00 hours. Fridays from 8:30 to 18:00 hours.

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