Terms and conditions of amiPASS App

These conditions regulate the use of the amipass app, (“App Amipass” or the “App”). Available in Google Play store, it contains the terms and policies that regulate the use of the app, and it provides to its visitors diverse information about its products and/or services. The access to and/or use of the services that amipass puts to disposition to anyone who uses the app amipass (User) is subject to the terms and conditions from the moment of the user logs in to the App.

Use conditions

The present terms and conditions of Amipass App from Amipass contains the terms, conditions, and policies that regulates the use of the amipass app (General policies).

In the same same way, it that provides to its visitors diverse information, content, products and/or services. The use of the Amipass App is designed for user to use it according to the present legislation and these general policies.

To access to them you would have to use the established proceedings, or the ones that are generally applied on the Internet, but, in any case, you could jeopardize the App, the services and/or the content of itself. The amipass app allows any active user of amipass to pay with virtual money in businesses associated with amipass, being the cellphone the one functioning as the physical card in the acquisition of supply food products, using the own amipass technology.

The Amipass app could be associated to one or more accounts of the same user in differents businesses. In order to be used, it requires: (a) that the cellphone of the user is able to run the app and has an Android software version 4.4 or above; (b) that the store has the amipass business app or a unique business code delivered by amipass; (c) that the account of the user is applicable and active, no matter the state of his/her card; (d) that the User counts with secrets password registered in his amipass account; and (e) that in the moment of a transaction, the account associated to the User has available enough funds for the purchase of the supply foods products that are intended to be purchased.

Amipass could carry out system maintenance, which may cause a temporary suspension of this services. This would be informed by amipass through the channels employed for this purpose, like email and Push messenger. The user must follow the security, identification and integrity procedures that amipass has implemented or will implement in the future, which could be associated to the elements needed for its use.

Access conditions

The access to Internet and/or World Wide Web is responsibility of the user, as to obtain and use the hardwares, softwares, modems and others elements and/or instruments that allow him to access the network; in such a way, the user must posses of everything needed for the appropriate use of the Amipass App.


The User understands that amipass could offer new services and/or products in the app. Amipass informs the user that any services presented in the amipass app have been developed and/or delivered by a third party. The majority of the services that are granted across the amipass app are free and you can access them with a secret password that will be provided to the user when the amipass account is provided. Then the user is prompted to create a personalized password, and it is the user’s responsibility to change it. The user must notify Amipass whenever he thinks that his identification, account or password has been used by a third party, and amipass will immediately block the account and passwords and allow the user to change them for new ones. It is responsibility of the user the use and management of the password of Login and payment, which should be managed with confidentiality. The passwords mentioned will be used as authentication for the user to run his/her operations in the amipass app. The information obtained by or through the amipass app and/or whichever of the services that are offered by this medium are for the personal use of the user, who is obligated to maintain its confidentiality. It is prohibited for the user to give, reproduce, recirculate, retransfer, commercialize and/or distribute, in whole or in part, and in any way the contents of amipass.


Amipass states that it has taken the needed measures in their installations and systems that guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided by the user of the app. The user is obligated to provide authentic, real, trustworthy, complete and actualized information when it is required in the amipass app or its website. Amipass will treat the information of a personal nature, that are provided by the user or anyone who works for amipass in any case, with confidentiality and in agreement to the current rules. To the effects of the law 19,628 on the protection of information of a personal nature, the client authorizes amipass to share, with the competent authorities or a third party with whom it is partnered or holds commercials agreements, some personal information, as the Rut number, address, activity, email or related information as long as this is done to facilitate the development, realization and/or implementation of commercials actions, whether of personal or general nature, with the objective of providing value to their customers or to improve the quality of the services and/or products that are provided by amipass.


The applicable legislation shall be that of the Republic of Chile. The illegality, invalidation and/or the nullity of any or some of the clauses contained in these General Policies will not invalidate or annulate the others.

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