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To buy with amiPASS

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Frequent ask questions
Doubts and regarding the use, problems and how to be part of amiPASS
If you want to enjoy the advantages of our platforms, with the associated benefits and promotions, ask your employer to give you amiPASS food benefits.
From the amiPASS mobile app, click on the option Forgotten your internet password? Then enter your ID number (“RUT”).

If your email is different to the one registered for your account, please contact us by writing to us on our WhatsApp +56975196382, or on our Email (Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-19:00Hrs. Friday 8:00 am-18:00Hrs.).
For security purposes, you will have 2 separate passwords:

The payment password (the one you enter every time you make a purchase) has 4 digits.

The internet password (the one you use to enter your account on the App or on the webpage) must be alphanumeric (numbers and letters) with between 7 and 12 characters.
The payment password is the one you have to use every time you make a purchase with amiPASS. It must have 4 digits.

For security purposes, we recommend that once you enter your amiPASS account for the first time, you change it to a personalised password easy for you to remember.
The internet password is the one you must use every time you go into your amiPASS Account, whether it be via the mobile application or on the webpage. The internet password is made up of between 7 and 12 alphanumeric (numbers and letters) characters.

It is recommended, for safety purposes, that you change the password to one easy for you to remember and that only you know.
We have extremely wide coverage, from supermarkets to small stores, restaurants, cafés, bakeries, grocery stores, minimarkets and many more sales outlets.
You can buy all types of food products (both ready meals and food to be prepared), as well as non-alcoholic beverages, without label limitations.
You can’t buy products in non-food and non-beverage categories: cleaning items, personal care products, tobacco products, and some others. Also excluded is the purchase of alcoholic drinks.
Go into the sales outlet search box in your amiPASS mobile application, and either using geolocation, or because you enter a specific address, the App will give you all the outlets near you where you can buy with amiPASS. It will also show you the accepted payment methods and will allow you make purchases on our online platform
Just send details of the restaurant or store to and we will contact them to get them included in our network of food businesses, so that you can enjoy their products.
In either case, you should block your card for security reasons. Go into your account on the amiPASS App or webpage (with your ID number or “RUT”, and password). Then, from the menu click on “Block my Account” and follow the steps indicated.

All deliveries of new cards are made on Wednesdays, and Thursday mornings for the municipal district of Puente Alto. So, if a user blocks his card on a Wednesday, a new card will not arrive until the Wednesday of the next week.
These transactions are made by your employer. So, any questions about this should be directed to the relevant area of your company.
First of all, welcome! Please request help from a sales executive by filling out the required information here.
With amiPASS you can cover all corporate food expenses: lunches, coffee breaks, meetings training sessions refreshments, birthday celebrations and more.
With amiPASS not only will you get tax savings, but you will also be able to reduce time spent managing benefits, thanks to our platform 100% online.

Simulate your tax savings here.
amiPASS works with a wide range of food business throughout Chile. Furthermore, thanks to our digital payment technology, we can affiliate the businesses required by your company in record time. We adapt to the needs of the client.

Basic Questions

amiPASS is YOUR BEST ALLY because we offer you an online platform and mobile applications that are 100% secure, with management and advertising tools, as well as top quality technology for managing sales and doing collection. It also gives you the possibility of making daily contact with thousands of your customers.
There are only 3 requirements for registration so that users can make purchases from your food business: Fill in the registration form
Present a Health Authority certificate
Present a photo of both sides of the ID card of the legal representative.
If you want to start nowregister your food business here.
Customers pay with the amiPASS application installed on their smartphone. For this reason, if you work with us you DON’T need to rent equipment, nor incur fixed costs for your business.
amiPASS will pay you for the sales you make. You issue an invoice for total sales made by your outlet through our system. Once we have received the invoice, we will pay you within the agreed period. If you don’t issue invoices, amiPASS will do it for you.

Questions about invoicing and payments

During the first few days of each month, you will receive a summary of the sales you have made with amiPASS at the email address you gave us. This summary, called the “proforma” will also include all the information you need for issuing an electronic invoice for the total amount indicated.
Once we have received and registered the invoice, you will be paid within the period agreed at the moment you registered on our system.
The electronic invoice has to be sent to the email address in XML format so that it can be registered both by the IRS and in our system and then paid.
Remember that if you don’t issue invoices, amiPASS can do this for you.
If your food business doesn’t issue invoices, amiPASS does this for you. In this case, amiPASS issues a sales invoice, and retains and declares the VAT.
After this, amiPASS issues an invoice to your food business for commission, and this is sent to the registered email address.
The proforma is the detail of sales that you have made through amiPASS.
It will be sent automatically to you during the first few days of the month, at the email address that you provided. It can also be sent every 2, 7, 15 or 30 days if you requested this at the time of filling out the amiPASS registration form.
This proforma will tell you the exact amount of the invoice that you must issue, and it gives you all the information you need to do this.
No, you don’t have to give a sales receipt since if you do this you will be paying VAT twice. This is because you will pay VAT when you issue the invoice for the sales made through amiPASS.
Go into using the IRS Tax Number of your food business and the alphanumeric password, then select ACCOUNT STATEMENT. Proformas not yet invoiced will appear highlighted in yellow.
Once we have received and registered your invoice, you will be paid, with the commission amount discounted, within the period agreed when you registered with amiPASS,

Sales and advertising questions

The following types of advertising are available for food businesses:
  • Digital graphics, which you can print and display at your outlet. You can also upload these to your food business social media or webpage.
  • On the customer’s amiPASS app, he or she will see the name of your business, the contact number, type of food you offer, and how to get to the outlet using GPS.
  • Your food business can be mentioned on social networks, showing the logo and the type of food you offer.
  • Our customers receive notifications with the promotions you are offering them. The better the promotions, the better it is for them.
  • You can click on this link to download the material here

Questions about payments and legal aspects

It is not a contract, but a commercial agreement that does not tie you down to any defined period, meaning that you can terminate whenever you like. To do this, you must contact customer service and tell them that you wish to terminate your registration with amiPASS (with no extra costs).
If you want to start now register your food business here.
No, there are no costs associated with terminating your food business registration with amiPASS.
No, customers use their own smartphone to pay. Food businesses have the option of downloading the food business app in order to manage payments. They can use any smartphone in use at the outlet.
Once you are part of amiPASS, you will get access passwords to log on to the training platform, where you will find all the tutorials on selling, using the system and resolving any questions. These passwords can be shared with your staff.
Any kind of bank account works for amiPASS to credit payments to your food business.
There are various ways to check that the customer has paid:
  • On the COMERCIO APP, press the option “sales” to see the daily sales made by your business with amiPASS.
  • Both you and the customer will receive a confirmation of sale in your email.
  • With your credentials you can go to to see both daily and historical sales for your food business.
To sell with amiPASS, you just need to fill in the form with the information requested.
  • Fill in the requested information so that later on we can pay you for the purchases made by users.
  • The requested information includes a bank account where we will pay for your sales, the physical address of your outlet so that our users can see that you receive payments with amiPASS, the type of food business, etc.
  • In 5 minutes you could be receiving payments with amiPASS.
  • If you want to start now register your food business here.

amiPASS Promotions

Discount on the menu, combo or discount on one or several products available at your food business for amiPASS customers.
If you need more information, click here.
Percentage discount on the total purchase amount or on one or several products available at your business for your amiPASS customers. Percentage discount on the total purchase amount or on one or several products available at your business for your amiPASS customers.
If you need more information, click here.
Prepacked boxes in 4 different sizes, filled with products that you choose, so that your customers can buy directly and at accessible prices with amiPASS. .
If you need more information, click here.
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