The beginning of AmiPASS

The fintech that comes to
revolutionize the food industry.

Year 2011

AmiPASS received 1,5 M USD

Angel investors believed in
our idea and potential.

2 SEM 2011

Host-to-Host connection with major retails

Integration of AmiPASS into
the sales systems of large
Proving our ability to create
networks with the big names
in the food industry (Oxxo,
Starbucks, Burger King).

1 SEM 2014

AmiPASS received 3 M USD

After three years in
operation, we raised 3 M
USD in Seed Round,
validating our business

2 SEM 2014

AmiPASSPay is launched

AmiPASS own network for
payment at merchants.
We have the capability to
connect with small markets.

1 SEM 2015

10K Merchants

We were able to reach our
goal earlier than expected.
Showing a remarkable
marketfit with merchants.

1 SEM 2019

+100K Consumers

AmiPASS is an APP with
market fit with consumers

1 SEM 2020

AmiPASS collaborates to face the pandemic

AmiPASS APP supports the
COVID social aid plan.
Demonstrating the
adaptability and sense of
purpose of AmiPASS.

2 SEM 2020

Digital showcases

AmiPASS E-commerce pilot
allows all small merchants to
enter the digital world.
This is just the beginning of
AmiPASS stepping into the
world of e-commerce.

2 SEM 2021

+20K Merchants

We doubled the merchant
network in 2 years.
Accelerated growth of
onboarding to be used for
global scale-up.

2 SEM 2021


AmiPASS visualizes its
Save the world by reducing
the impact of the food chain
with just ONE TAP.
Pre-ordering, paying, and
eating with AmiPASS

Year 2021

Ecofriendly Badge

Promoting merchants with
eco-friendly practices in
their food production and

1 SEM 2022

Launch of AmiPOS E-commerce

Tool that allows merchants
- Manage with a single
tap: stores and ecommerce.
- Capture different
payments methods.
- Contribute to a
carbon-neutral impact.

1 SEM 2022

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Real-time information to our
consumers on their
contribution to carbon

1 SEM 2022

300K Consumers

Ecofriendly consumer
community continues to

2 SEM 2022

3K Merchants in Mexico

We will be working with +3
leading food companies in

1 SEM 2023

+750K Consumers

Ecofriendly consumer
community continues to

2 SEM 2023

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