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Manage your employees' meal vouchers with amiPASS, where things work well.

Contract the food benefit and you’ll be able to make immediate recharges and access fast, decisive customer service. The largest network of shops and restaurants in Chile will be at your fingertips. But that's not all! Get tax savings of up to 38.7% by managing the benefit with amiPASS.

I want to contract the meal vouchers.

Autoerrolamiento - Empresas

Services for your company

Administra el beneficio de alimentación para tus colaboradores de la forma más rápida y fácil posible, con amiPASS.

Meal vouchers

With just one click you can deliver the funds to your employees and maintain 24/7 control over the funds via a self-managed platform. Through our app, your workers will be able to consume products from more than 30,000 stores throughout Chile.
Con amiPASS también puedes entregar beneficios como giftcards para los retail más grandes de Chile.

Gift card

You will be able to directly purchase Gift Cards to reward and retain your company employees. These cards can be recharged with pre-established amounts and used in the outlets of those retailers with which we have an alliance.
Contamos con más de 700 Salas Cuna en todo Chile disponibles para entregar este beneficio a tus colaboradores.

Childcare nurseries

You’ll be in the best hands. We have more than 700 childcare nurseries throughout Chile available to deliver this benefit to the mothers you employ and they are fully compliant with all current regulations. We will accompany you throughout the process, from selecting the nursery through to registering the child.

Our Commitments

amiPASS tiene un 99% de safisfación de sus clientes empresa.

99% customer satisfaction.

amiPASS es una empresa comprometida con el medio ambiente.

We are Eco-friendly.

Easy-to-use APP.

amiPASS tiene la red de comercios y restaurantes más grande de Chile.

+30,000 shops and restaurants.

amiPASS tiene el mejor servicio al cliente del mercado.

Fast and decisive attention.

Con amiPASS puedes hacer recargas inmediatas del beneficio de alimentación para tus colaboradores.

Immediate recharges.

More than 1,300 companies place their trust in us

Consorcio gestiona el beneficio de alimentación con amiPASS.
GMO gestiona el beneficio de alimentación con amiPASS.
NotCo gestiona el beneficio de alimentación con amiPASS.
Transelec gestiona el beneficio de alimentación con amiPASS.
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez gestiona el beneficio de alimentación con amiPASS.

and we have over 250,000 happy users


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With amiPASS you can cover all corporate food expenses: lunches, coffee breaks, meetings, catering for training events, birthday celebrations etc.

With amiPASS not only will you obtain tax savings, you will also be able to reduce benefit management times thanks to our 100% online platform.

amiPASS has a wide network of stores throughout Chile. What’s more, thanks to our digital payment technologies, we can affiliate those businesses that your company needs in record time. We adapt to meet the client's needs.

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