3 ways to retain customers using amiPASS

For your store to increase sales in a sustained manner over time, you need your existing customers to remain satisfied and loyal. How can you achieve this? Using amiPASS. Here are the details.

Many businesses have long understood the impact that customer retention has on the profitability of their store or business.

If you are unsure about this, check out these figures published by Sailthru:

  • A 5% increase in customer retention rates could increase your store's profits by 25% to 95%.
  • A loyal customer is 60-70% likely to buy your products again.

So, given that people today are well-informed, demanding and constantly looking for good shopping experiences, in addition to having strategies to attract new customers, you really need to pay special attention and work hard to retain your existing ones.

Here's why and how amiPASS helps you do it.

Why amiPASS?

As an app that manages the meal benefits that companies provide to their employees, amiPASS serves as a platform for you to increase your new customer base and provide a quick and easy shopping experience for those who already trust your business to spend the money their employers give them through this benefit.

How does amiPASS help you retain customers?

1. It provides financial security and peace of mind regarding your health

The first thing you need to be clear about is that by using the amiPASS APP, you give your customers the ability to shop without physical contact, helping them avoid being exposed to COVID-19, thereby satisfying their current preferences. 3 out of 4 people prefer contactless payment methods to banknotes because of the spread of the coronavirus, according to the BAE Negocios portal.

You will also generate trust with them, since once they make a purchase, they will immediately receive an email notification of the transaction they have made, and they will be able to check the details of all the transactions they make through their amiPASS APP.

2. Expand the payment options available

Given the technological advances and in the context of the current pandemic, businesses that only receive payments in cash are gradually being left behind.

Therefore, if your store or trade stand has other payment platforms like amiPASS, you will be giving your customers more options for purchasing your products, thereby generating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Keep in mind that by using amiPASS, you'll be providing a fixed point for working customers to redeem their monthly corporate food benefits quickly, easily and without hassle.

3. Promote your location and your discounts

With amiPASS you will have at your disposal different types of free advertising to keep your customers informed and offer them real-time promotions. You will be able to use:

  • Digital graphics to print and paste in your store or business. You can also upload them to your website or viralize them through social networks.
  • Direct notifications to customers with the promotions and offers you have available for them.
  • Dissemination of your business, contact number, products you offer and how to get there via GPS in the customer's amiPASS APP.
  • Mention of your store or warehouse in the different amiPASS channels and/or media at no cost.

With these actions your customers will feel encouraged, stimulated and confident to buy again because of the benefits that your store offers in terms of discounts and instant information about the products you offer and have available.

Publicity on social networks is a good tool that will contribute towards improving the perception that people have about you, particularly among the younger generations.

Our guide to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones provides more detail.

Take care of your customers with the help of amiPASS!

Your customers play a unique and critical role in the success of your store or business.

Taking care of their needs, giving them a good shopping experience, offering them referral programs, payment options, promotions and other crucial elements will help to ensure they trust you, stay with you and that your business will continue to grow smoothly.

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