The Growth Of Online Sales In Chile

eCommerce in Chile has been one of the fastest-growing sectors recent years, with a significant increase over the last year. According to the Digital 2023 study by We Are Social and Hootsuite, 62.7% of Chileans have made weekly online purchases during the last month, clearly demonstrating their preference for this channel. In addition, online shoppers have opted for different categories, with electronics, toys, hobbies and DIY, fashion, furniture, and personal and home care being the most popular.

The growth of online sales in Chile in figures.

62.7% of Chileans have made weekly online purchases during the last month (January 2023). This clearly reveals their preference for this channel, which is thought to be due to ease of use, the immediacy of the process and financial incentives .

Trends in consumption behaviour have also been evident: 32.7% have ordered groceries from an online store, 19.1% have used a price comparison service, 13.3% have bought a second-hand item and 5.0% have used a buy now, pay later (BNPL) service.

And in concrete numbers?

At least 12.7 million consumers actively participate as buyers in the e-commerce market, raising up to 8.68 billion dollars annually, with an average ticket of US$684 and smart device usage levels of 36.1%.

Purchase motivators

According to the experts behind the research, the following are the principal reasons behind people opting to make certain purchases online: free shipping, at 64.5%; next-day delivery, at 47.5%; coupons and discounts, at 46.8%; quick and easy online payment, at 44.9%; and reviews from other customers, at 35.6%.

Favourite categories

The following are the categories that have attracted the highest expenditure levels in Chile: electronics (US$3 million ); toys, hobbies and DIY (U$S 2.2 million); fashion (US$ 1.4 million); furniture (US$1.04 million); personal and home care (US$372 million).

Payment methods

The five most-used payment methods for online sales are: credit and debit cards, at 55%; digital and mobile wallets, at 14%; bank transfers, at 13%; other methods, at a similar percentage (13%); and payment against delivery, at 5%. It is important to note that the number of people who make digital payments has reached 12.78 million; which represents an increase of 5.4% compared to last year (2022). Meanwhile, the annual value of online sales reached US$13 trillion , an increase of 9.1%.

The food delivery boom continues

Finally, food deliveries also saw significant growth, reaching up to US$5.16 million; at least 13.8% more than the previous year, for a total market value of US$237.5 million. The average Chilean food delivery order value has increased by at least 8.3%, reaching US$46.06.

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