Success story: The Greens

Pablo Aljaro, from The Greens chain, talks about his experience with Amipass before and after the pandemic and why it is the platform that has worked best for him.

The Greens has 4 stores and a production plant, all in Las Condes, in Santiago, Chile. In addition, during 2021 it added a delivery-only brand called Red Burger. Pablo speaks about his experience so far in the food industry and the difficulties they have had to overcome as a result of the pandemic.

His chain, The Greens , prepares a wide variety of meals first thing in the morning for same-day consumption. They are so committed to quality that, at 4:00 p.m., they begin to sell off their products at half price, so they can start the next day with fresh, new production.

Pablo Aljaro, The Greens

Some of their customers buy lunch to eat at their place of work, while others consume the food they buy while sitting in The Greens’ large terraces. Then, from 4 p.m. onwards, other people come along to buy meals and salads at discount prices to take home and eat later.

He explains that people who operate in the food industry often "do not know how much the products they sell cost." And that is precisely where AmiPOS and its platform can help them to calculate supplies and plan their purchases.

He adds that in the world of delivery, there is an important factor to consider: commissions, which often add between 25 and 30% to the value of the product. It is therefore necessary to sell at more than the base costs together with the commission values in order for their venture to be considered successful.

Speaking about Amipass, he says that "from the point of view of the system for settling accounts, it’s the one that works best." This is because the payments are periodic and punctual. This ultimately contributes to the business having capital to keep moving, acquiring supplies and keeping more accurate accounting.

We thank Pablo Aljaro for his time, willingness and experience with AmiPASS and hope that the relationship that has been established continues to grow.

Great success to The Greens and Redburger!


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