These 4 businesses increased their sales with amiPASS. Check them out!

If you’d like to increase sales in your store, trade show booth or warehouse, amiPASS is an excellent ally to help you achieve this goal. Thanks to the solutions it offers, amiPASS is already helping several businesses to achieve this goal.

With amiPASS you have the opportunity to optimize your sales performance because it allows you to improve your inventory management, enhance the benefits for your consumers, promote your products and even provide a better shopping experience by facilitating contactless payment, something that 65% of consumers prefer (a figure that continues to increase) according to this article from the portal Estrategia y Negocios.

The following 4 success stories reveal how some businesses are already reaping the benefits of these advantages:

amiPASS Success Stories

1. La Vega Delivery expanded its opportunities

This is an online grocery store with coverage in several districts of Chile, which offers fruit, vegetables, nuts, condiments, eggs and a wide range of other food products to consumers, as well as a range of products for the home and services for businesses.

As it was keen to optimize the purchasing process for its customers with a range of payment alternatives, it decided to implement the amiPASS app, a platform they already use for virtual, contactless charging and that provides better control and organization of their transactions; all in one place.

In fact, Camilo Espinoza Carrasco, the owner of La Vega Delivery, argues that "it is worth implementing amiPASS because it is a fairly simple platform that improves the payment options while, at the same time, organizing them.

2. Supermercadito increased sales 

This grocery business, which sells fruit, vegetables, dairy products and other food items, activated amiBOX, an amiPASS solution that allows its customers to access its products through pre-assembled packages, which they can pick up directly at the store or through a home delivery service.

This enabled it to increase sales by 53% and better meet the needs of its buyers.

3. Regional Food transformed the way it sells

This healthy food marketer and distributor sells products to the wholesale market (retail, Horeca and traditional channels) and also represents regional brands (with strategic alliances).

In principle, its objective was to facilitate purchases from its website and it therefore chose to integrate amiPASS, but it found that it gained other, equally attractive advantages, including allowing amiPASS users to buy healthy food products, paying fair commissions, having high marketing exposure, delivering a wide range of products with amiBOX, giving visibility to the enterprises that are part of its network and even maintaining its commitment to the environment, since everything is done digitally and not on paper.

In the words of Juan Hurtado Infante, a member of the Regional Food team, "amiPASS is a useful technology that makes it possible for a business to reinvent itself. It is extremely feasible, very easy to implement and guarantees a win-win situation, because it provides a better service to both consumers and affiliated stores".

4. For the fruit! multiplied its profits

This business, as its name suggests, sells fruit, as well as vegetables and also products prepared with them, like juices, smoothies, desserts, sandwiches and even special gift packs. The business was already thriving but decided to reach for more with the help of amiPASS.

According to Por la fruta! employee Junior Saldias, joining amiPASS enabled the company to increase sales (by 7-8 times), gain access to a new market, have an enhanced experience when receiving payments and receive greater diffusion on social networks.

They also highlighted the service they received; they consider that the amiPASS team gives personalized advice and is always ready to provide a quick solution to meet all their needs.

Why wait any longer to join?

As you can see, joining amiPASS will give you the chance to generate more and better results in your sales, and the best part is that you don't need to invest anything, or rent equipment to integrate it into your operation; you will just be charged a commission for sales.

So if you want your business to become the next success story and gain access to these benefits that will allow you to reach more customers and provide them with better service, please get in touch with one of our consultants, who will tell you how to take the first step.

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