8 properties of coffee grounds you might not know about

8 properties of coffee grounds you might not know about

If you like coffee, you should know that your relationship with it doesn’t have to end once you’ve enjoyed your delicious drink. Because it turns out that the grounds that are left over have lots of beneficial uses for your health, beauty, and even the environment. So, don’t throw them in the bin!

What are the grounds? They’re the residue that’s left in the filter or the cloth sleeve that you use to strain the coffee. According to studies, coffee grounds are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that can beautify skin and hair. They can also help solve different problems in the garden and even eliminate bad smells in the home. Join us to learn about the most unusual but useful properties of this underestimated “product”:

1.       Exfoliant

You can gently massage the coffee onto your wet skin, using circular movements. You can also add the coffee grounds to your favourite cleansing cream and wash your face with it as usual.

2.       Deodorize the environment

Ideal for hard-to-reach places like the cabinet under the sink or inside the fridge. Its scent spreads, neutralising smells while giving off its attractive aroma.

You can also place some coffee grounds in a bowl in the corner of your kitchen, which will help you combat the smell of fish, garlic, and onion while you’re cooking.

3.       Repel insects

A curious fact we’d like to share is that insects hate the smell of coffee. It’s therefore a good solution for keeping them away from garden plants or pots.

However, it’s not enough to just water the coffee grounds; you have to put them in a fire-resistant container and set them on fire. The steam released will work as a repellent.

4.       Fertilizer

Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients that will help your crops grow. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are some of the nutrients that will leave your soil well fertilised. In fact, it’s one of our favourite natural fertilisers for plants.

5.       Remove fat in your kitchen

Coffee is lightly abrasive and acidic, making it ideal for cleaning surfaces like kitchen tops, grills, and sinks. You can use the residue on its own, or mix it with a little dish soap. For your grill, sprinkle some coffee grounds on the surface. After a few minutes, you only need to rinse with warm water and the results will seem like a miracle.

6.       Remove scratches on wooden furniture

To take advantage of this property, you only have to moisten a cotton bud with a few coffee grounds, then rub the part of the furniture that’s been affected and you’ll see the stain or scratch disappear, leaving your wooden furniture looking like new.

7.       Effective anti-flea treatment

Thinking about your pets, it’s been shown that coffee grounds are one of the ways to help get rid of fleas for good, by mixing them with water and rubbing them over your dog or cat after bathing. The smell of the coffee grounds wards off fleas, ticks, and even lice, helping you take care of your pet’s health.

This remedy is safe, but always check with your vet before using it, as caffeine is toxic to lots of animals and may cause your pet irritation.

8.       Tenderize meats

Before cooking, put the raw meat in a bag, add ground coffee, and marinate for two to three hours. This will make the meat more tender due to the natural acids, and will also give it a mild smoked flavour that will surprise you.

So, you see, the coffee grounds you didn’t know what to do with have more uses than you imagined. Don’t throw them away! With this valuable information from amiPASS , you can make the most of their properties without resorting to chemical products or paying additional costs.

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