Our “Eureka Moment” when we decided to Save the Planet by Eating.

At amiPASS we had a Eureka moment when we were struck by an idea that led us to
change the way we do things.

We realized that we had the ability, the will and the experience to contribute to this world and
to save the planet by eating.

The problem: How to reduce the amount of waste generated by our meals?
The solution was right there in our hands with our AmiPass ecosystem. The idea started with
the following list of questions and assumptions:

● All our consumers eat EVERY day and at least once a day
● Our consumers are loyal to amiPASS and enjoy using our application
● Given that all of our consumers are human beings inhabiting our planet, then damage to the environment affects ALL of them.
● Our consumers constitute the demand for food and our network of merchants provides them with the food they want

What if we invite consumers and businesses in the challenge of having a better planet where
food production is strictly adjusted to meet demand without generating food waste?
So we decided to create a platform that was easy to use and that would allow us to achieve
the goal of reducing food waste while promoting food businesses with eco-friendly practices.

We know it’s not easy to change a habit, but we also know that you can achieve anything
with time, effort and good intentions.

That’s why we got our mission underway by integrating our network of merchants to this ecochallenge, to then generate the right incentives and the facilities to
encourage consumers to join in with Saving the Planet by Eating.

We know that there are many things that we can do every day as individuals, companies or
organizations, such as recycling waste or using energy-saving devices. However, these
actions have only a limited effect on global warming, unless they are undertaken en masse
by all the inhabitants of the planet.

So, in that Eureka moment, we decided to develop an ambitious roadmap to take amiPASS
to new frontiers and new challenges.

This eco-friendly vision is what inspires us with passion each and every day, and we invite
you to join in as a user, business, investor or co-worker: the options are many and the
challenges are great.


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