These are the 4 qualities of a good gourmet coffee

These are the 4 qualities of a good gourmet coffee

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the morning? It’s almost the guest of honour in the cupboards of almost every country in the world… Black, with milk, or even brown; it’s the ideal companion at any time of day.

Of course, you’ve heard of gourmet coffee, but do you know what it is? Why is it different from other coffees? And how do you know what makes it gourmet?

What is gourmet coffee?

Gourmet coffee, also called premium or speciality coffee, is now more in demand by the average consumer, who seeks more flavour, aroma, and quality in their warm drink each day. This type of coffee in particular has characteristics that are considered high quality.

Some experts claim that it should be 100% Arabica coffee, grown at a height of more than 1,000 metres. It can be organic, high-altitude, or fair trade. They agree that there is no standard definition, but that gourmet refers to all fine coffees that are ready to be consumed.

It’s not used in any other processes, like most Robusta coffees. Gourmet coffees should also have characteristics that are pleasant to the palate, such as body, acidity, aroma, finish, and aftertaste; otherwise, it’s a coffee of inferior selection.

It needs to be stored in a specific way. It also has to be packed in bags that allow it to breathe, else it oxidises and loses aroma, flavour, and quality.

Qualities that make it a delicacy

As a good coffee lover, you know that it comes in capsules, ground, or in beans; but not matter how it comes, the quality of the coffee depends on the seed, the place it is sown, and the way it is harvested.

These are the four parameters that make this drink a unique gastronomic pleasure:

1.       Height

It is thought that a gourmet coffee must be grown at a high altitude; that is, at more than 900 metres above sea level, in a special microclimate that combines humidity and shade.

These characteristics give coffee plantations a special environment for the fruit to grow, flower, and ripen, which give rise to a coffee of exceptional quality.

2.       Selection

Another essential characteristic that defines a gourmet coffee is the selective harvesting of the coffee cherry. To choose the best beans, the harvest must be carried out manually, removing the leaves to find the best fruits, respecting their degree of ripeness. No coffee that has been industrially harvested by machine can be considered gourmet.

3.       Processing

Processing must also be natural. Once the coffee cherry has been harvested, the beans are separated from the pulp. This is a more elaborate and expensive process than when it is done industrially, but it affects the taste of the coffee, making it more floral, fruity, and with a more intense acidity.

4.       The roast

The roasting phase determines the coffee’s final quality. Even if the bean has all the best qualities, they can be lost during the roasting process if it isn’t able to preserve all the aroma and the bean’s oils. The best coffee brands are those that have turned their roasting experience into an artform.

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