Top tips for preparing a great barbecue

Who doesn’t love the immense pleasure of a great barbecue? It’s such a famous and delicious way of cooking that it has a place in almost all of the world’s homes. People prepare it in different ways, but those who taste it are always looking for the same thing: to eat delicious barbecued meat.

Barbecuing is therefore an art; because it’s not enough to just buy meat and charcoal and assume that everything will turn out alright. It goes way beyond that. With that in mind, here at amiPASS. we want to share some tips so you can show off by preparing the best barbecue ever, which will leave you and your guests more than satisfied!

What to do?

To prepare a good piece of meat for the barbecue, the thing to do is take a good cut, then make a delicious marinade, and the result will be tender and juicy meat. But there’s a preliminary task that will simplify your work when friends and family are hungrily waiting for their pieces of grilled meat:

1. Calculate roughly how many people will attend. Estimate an average 350-400 grams of meat per person, including starters like chorizo and chicken wings, and the main meats to be barbecued, distributing the amount in equal parts.

2. The perfect equation for the hot coals is patience + distance + time. That’s to say, coals that are already mature, white or greyish, the grill not too close to the coals, and time to slowly cook the meat until it’s ready.

3. Keep in mind that the heat source plays a fundamental role. A wood-fired grill is not the same as a charcoal grill, which is the safest, as the coals last a long time and maintain a constant heat.

4. Preparing the meat for your barbecue is a simple task, which will make all the difference when you put it on the grill:

- Don’t forget to keep the meat at room temperature for at least an hour before barbecuing it.

- If you want to flavour the meat, you can rub some aromatic herbs like rosemary or thyme on the sides to give it a different touch.

5. Barbecuing meat takes time. Place the pieces on the grill and let them cook slowly. In the areas with less heat that are furthest away from the coals, you can start putting the next pieces to barbecue. Start with chorizo and black pudding, then chicken pieces like wings or thighs.

Things not to forget

One of the things we emphasise is that you should choose the cuts of meat you like the most, a good quality charcoal, a barbecue… and enjoy! Also remember to make a clear and precise shopping list, considering adequate portions per diner, to avoid purchasing more than you’ll consume and wasting it. Once you’ve bought your products, refrigerate them properly to keep them in optimal conditions until using them.

And you know what? We can help you! You can find the best ingredients on the amiPASS app.  If you still haven’t got the AmiPASS click here to contact us,, download it, and enjoy the best options. Pay through the app and receive your order wherever you are.

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