4 Strategies to bring more customers to your business.

To keep your business afloat, you obviously need to increase your customer base, especially when the economic climate makes it difficult for them to buy in your store or eat in your restaurant. So how can you attract more customers?

Boosting sales doesn't have to be complicated if you work with a strategy that has consumers at the centre.

It's as simple as that: they want to buy a food product quickly and easily and your business is there to provide them with a solution.

If you keep this in mind, you've already taken a tremendous step forward. Now take action. Here are the most effective strategies to get more customers and increase your sales.

1. Improve the shopping experience

It is useless to generate a lot of traffic to your point of sale if in the end the conversion rate is low, that is, if people enter your store or your ecommerce and interact but do not buy.

This is why it is key to work on the shopping experience and its stages, from the first contact your potential customer makes with your business until after they have paid.

The following are some guidelines about how to provide a satisfactory shopping experience, according to the business solutions company TC Group Solutions:

  • Give a quick response : respond as quickly as possible to their needs with proposals and alternatives to prevent them from abandoning the buying process.
  • Have order and organization: keep your store tidy, with stock and products organized, whether online or physical. Distribution is a visual issue that often discourages purchase.
  • Provide a multichannel experience: install an online ordering system and equip your salespeople with electronic devices to deal with them.
  • Design a pricing strategy create promotions, offers, discounts and reward loyalty.

2. Take advantage of payment apps

The benefits of immediacy, simplification and hyperconnectivity offered by mobile applications make the public increasingly prefer them as a means of payment. Here are a couple of statistics that prove it:

This means that if your business incorporates the right technology to enable your customers to pay in this way, you will be meeting their needs and preventing them from leaving empty-handed.

3. Have an online presence

Marketing actions now, more than ever, must focus on digital. Anyone who thinks otherwise is missing out on a valuable source of buyers.

Nowadays the digital environment plays a fundamental role in business, and these figures from Pro Pyme Chile prove it:

  • 28% of online searches about nearby businesses result in purchases.
  • More than 51% of mobile internet users discover a new business or company by searching on their smartphones.
  • 86% of women check their social networks before deciding whether or not to buy.
  • 40% of mobile users are currently searching for a local or nearby business.

A well-done comprehensive digital marketing plan takes advantage of each of these opportunities, as its tactics focus on:

  • Optimizing a business website to drive traffic from cellphones.
  • Automating marketing and sales processes with software.
  • Generating valuable content for your target audience and disseminating it through different channels, including the use of social networks as direct communication channels with audiences.

4. Offer a home delivery service

Implementing a well-designed home delivery service is a strategy that provides comfort to customers, improves the relationship with them, increases their satisfaction and generates value for the business, according to the Entrepreneur portal.

To implement it, it is advisable to:

  • Identify the product requirements: think about the type of business and, based on this, establish what is needed for deliveries to be effective and the product to arrive as planned.
  • Consider times: calculate the time frame so that the product will arrive in optimal conditions, in the shortest time and according to what has been agreed.
  • Determine the type of packaging: consider all the logistics operations necessary for the product to arrive in perfect condition (packaging, transportation, route, etc.).
  • Delimit the delivery area: establish a radius within which you can make deliveries without problems, trying to reach as many people as possible but without complications.
  • Evaluate whether you will outsource deliveries to a third party or do them in-house: quote different delivery services and compare the costs with what it would cost you to deliver directly.

Explore your opportunities and win more customers!

Knowing who your ideal customer is and having a good product and/or service represents only half of your journey. To embrace the other half and achieve extraordinary results, you need to cater to your customers’ buying behaviour.

Keep in mind that it only takes small adjustments in the way you operate for more customers to arrive and prefer your business to others.

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