How much does it cost to charge your customers using virtual payment methods?

Nowadays, to maintain its sales, your business needs to have virtual payment options for your customers.

If you make smart decisions, you can save a lot of money, but if you don't understand the charges involved, you can find you incur higher expenses. Find out how much the main virtual payment methods available on the market today will cost you. Virtual payment methods are a necessary investment for any business, regardless of its line of business or size, especially at a time when online shopping is on the rise because it is perceived as the most convenient and secure way to shop.

There are 2 types of costs:

  • The fixed costs that will depend on the internet or mobile data services you have contracted.
  • The variable costs, which consist of the fees charged by the companies that provide virtual payment methods.

Therefore, it is crucial that when you plan your cost structure you include the commissions charged by the virtual payment method you choose to implement in your business, explains the Tiendanube portal.

The cost varies according to the payment method

Paying via apps

These alternatives do not necessarily need to be linked to bank accounts. All that is necessary is that both the merchant and the customer have the app of the payment method in question on their smartphones. Here we explain how amiPASS works, by way of example:


What is amiPASS?

It is an app that manages the money that companies spend on food for their employees. That is, it works as a tool that allows you to buy food in all categories: fruits, vegetables, pantry, fast food etc, and in different places: supermarkets, grocery stores, stores, greengrocers, etc.

All businesses and individuals can shop with amiPASS at affiliated merchants.

How much does it cost?

There are no installation or maintenance costs, so the impact to your business for the use of this payment method is $0.

The fee that applies is only for the sales of food and beverages that you charge through your app. In addition, it does not depend on a contract, but rather, in this case, your merchant and amiPASS establish a commercial agreement that does not tie you in any way and that you can cancel whenever you want.


  • You don't need to install any equipment; everything is done through your cellphone.
  • There are no maintenance or installation costs.
  • There are no costs for disaffiliation.
  • If your business does not issue an invoice, amiPASS does it for you.
  • Use it to carry out transactions with your customers 24/7.
  • You receive monthly details of the transactions you have made with amiPASS and keep your accounting in order. You have access at all times to the details of your transactions with the app by logging into the portal with your username and password.
  • Your brand is advertised and publicized on the different amiPASS channels and/or media at no cost.
  • You offer your customers more speed and ease of checkout.
  • You sell both in person and online, whether you have a physical or online store.

Undoubtedly, these benefits are key to increasing the number of payments via mobile applications.


  • You receive the amount of the sales you made with amiPASS minus the app's commission for each transaction.
  • You depend on your smartphone's operating system infrastructure and app updates.

Mobile POS devices

These are a variation on traditional point-of-sale terminals and consist of a device that connects to a smartphone through a cable or via Bluetooth, explains the portal Destino Negocio.


First of all, you must take into account the purchase of the mobile POS device and accessories (printer, cables, etc.), and, depending on the distribution company, the variable costs may include a monthly software license and commission for each transaction made.

Alternatively, instead of buying the device, you may need to pay a monthly lease, as in the case of the product offered by Transbank.


  • It adapts to any type of business.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is portable.
  • You receive the money in the bank account of your choice with instalments.


  • Since it is a portable device, it presents a higher risk of theft, loss and damage.
  • Your customer needs to be physically present to make the purchase.
  • If the system fails, you risk losing the purchase.

Bank transfer

This is a resource that e-commerce uses less and less because it requires longer purchase processes, since your customer must enter your website to place their order and then enter the portal of their bank to generate the transfer, explains the digital marketing site Cuantrix.


The cost of an electronic transfer depends on 2 factors, as can be seen in this government report on "Financial Inclusion and Electronic Means of Payment":

  • The banking entity you are affiliated with may charge you commission for the transaction, in addition to fees for account management and associated products.
  • The commission established by an intermediary, if you use one, such as PayPal.


  • It is a means of payment that consumers trust more, particularly older ones.
  • Bank transfers have the backing of the bank.
  • The money arrives directly into your account during banking hours.


  • This is an unattractive alternative for younger consumers.
  • It raises costs, since the bank also charges a commission to your client for the transaction, if the operation is between different entities.
  • The purchase process is longer and this means that many sales are not completed.

Invest with strategy

As you can see, each payment method has its pros and cons as an investment. Your best alternative is the one that offers more facilities to your consumers and your business at the time of closing the sale.

Also, consider the overall costs and not only the commissions charged by the provider for each transaction. This way you have a better picture of how much profit you will ultimately receive.

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