5 Techniques to sell more and better on the Internet

Although the trend of having an online store or warehouse is on the rise, businesses still need to have methods to help them increase their sales, because this is not something that happens alone.

Ensure the success of your online store by following these tips for selling more and better.

Selling online is not the same as selling from a physical location. For this reason, many entrepreneurs work hard to develop differentiated marketing campaigns for each format.

If you want to create a better shopping experience in a physical store, it is advisable to work the stock, have efficient but also friendly and helpful staff, and invest in product promotion. However, you need to focus on other things to increase online sales.

Today it is not enough to launch an online store or warehouse in order to sell more. With more and more businesses doing the same thing, there is more competition, so if you aren’t able to differentiate yourself, you are unlikely to improve your results.

Want to know what to focus on? Keep reading and you will find out.

1. Use social networks: they’re free!

It is not about opening accounts on all the social platforms that exist but instead identifying which ones are being used by your audience. Here are some general guidelines about each social network, according to the site Aula CM.

  • Twitter: ideal para llegar a mucha gente nueva en base a opiniones, tener un servicio al cliente súper activo y hacer seguimiento a posibles clientes.
  • FacebookTwitter: this is ideal for reaching a lot of new people through opinions, having really active customer service and following up with potential customers.
  • Instagram: if you want to focus on visuals, this network allows you to show the "day to day" and the history of your business through images.
  • Pinterest: this is ideal for grouping your products in thematic boards and inspiring both customers and prospects with lifestyle-related images.
  • LinkedIn: if you want to network with other brands and businesses, as well as stay informed about your industry, this is the platform that will help you do it the most.

Whether you use one or more social networks to promote your sales, don't forget to schedule your posts and differentiate them by platform. Also, ask your customers to post reviews of your product or service on them to encourage other users to purchase them.

2. Do content marketing

When you have an online business, it is key that people reach you when they search online for the products or services you offer. Content that is interesting, useful and entertaining is the most valuable and will help potential customers to find you.

Planeta Ttandem recommends that you create a blog with publications of tricks, tips, rankings, tutorials or specialist guides based on the information that people are looking for.

As for the format of the content, it can be very varied, ranging from articles to presentations (also called Slideshares), downloadable catalogues, as well as audio recordings and videos, which are sure to generate a lot of traffic and viralization from your followers.

3. Improve your website

Take the opportunity to optimize your site. For example, if you don't have a responsive design (that adjusts so it looks good on any device, such as a cellphone), it's time to fix this. Or if you have not yet developed an image that reflects your products or services, then create a logo that is easy for your customers to recognize.

According to marketing specialists, this is a good opportunity for working on the concept of the usability of your site - which in turn has to do with its functionality. The goal is for users to easily find the information they are looking for and also have a good browsing experience.

4. Choose your keywords well

Keywords are extremely important, as they help you to position yourself through concepts included in texts, pages, images and/or product descriptions. Aula CM recommends that you use them as much as possible, as long as you have researched beforehand which ones correspond to your industry.

However, when faced with a word that your competition is already working with, use synonyms. This way, you will avoid competing directly with stores that are strongly positioned on the web.

5. Diversify your payment methods

Although this technique also applies to physical commerce, the truth is that it is a great way to make payment easier for your customers.

Start by evaluating the platforms that best suit your business, but over time you will realize that the more payment options your online store has, the less likely you are to lose potential buyers and customers.

As always: offer good customer service

Even if you don't deal with people directly, when implementing an online sales strategy, don't forget to offer the best experience to your customers. Remember that "a happy customer not only comes back, but also speaks positively about your brand to others", which sooner or later leads to more sales.

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