How this business increased sales sevenfold with the help of amiPASS

Would you like to know how to sell more with amiPASS? Read on because here we'll tell you the story of Por la fruta!, an amiPASS member business that has increased its sales sevenfold with the help of our app.

Previously, we told you how 2 online merchants that affiliated with amiPASS managed to reach more customers and improve their sales by integrating this payment option so that people can redeem their food benefits at their stores.

This time we will tell you about another success story: Por la fruta!

More than a juice shop

What started as a traditional juice shop was reinvented in order to offer an alternative experience that combines fun, health and flavour.

As stated on its website, Por la fruta! has a diverse menu, offering everything from smoothies, juices and varieties of lemonade through to healthy desserts and fruit boxes.

The most exciting part of their story is that, despite being a young venture, when the pandemic forced them to close for 7 months, the business reinvented itself to offer its products for consumption at home. Crucial to this was their online presence and partnering with a community of businesses that gave them greater visibility: amiPASS.

Meeting amiPASS

Por la fruta! team member Junior Saldias explains that this business continually seeks to improve the shopping experience for its customers, which is why it has offered different payment options since its inception.

Saldias says that when someone they knew who had an amiPASS-affiliated business recommended the app, they didn't hesitate to investigate further.

Researching on the Internet, the Por la fruta! team found the amiPASS website, contacted one of the consultants and quickly joined the community of merchants on their network and adopted their payment app.

A choice driven by specific objectives

When Por la fruta! chose to adopt amiPASS, it knew exactly what it wanted to achieve:

More sales.

The result couldn't be better. As Junior Saldias confirms, Por la fruta!'s sales have increased sevenfold since adopting amiPASS as a payment method.

And it is a tool that improves the shopping experience, because:

  • It provides greater security.
  • Improves in-store service.
  • It avoids direct contact with money.

Reaching a new market

On the other hand, as part of the network of affiliated businesses, Por la fruta! receives visibility on the amiPASS platform and on its social networks, in addition to receiving useful information to apply in its own communications.

The detail is in the service

Finally, Saldias highlights that the amiPASS team is faster in responding to your business, with personalized attention to solve your problems.

He also notes that the mobile app works well and is easy to use.

If you are evaluating options to implement virtual payment methods or a platform to make online payments, you should make sure that your future supplier meets these characteristics.

So what are you waiting for to increase your sales?

We are proud to tell you about success stories like Por la fruta! and to know that with the help of our app and the services we offer, they have not only been able to overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic but also to achieve their sales goals, and even surpass them.

If you, like them, want to reach new markets and give your customers another way to redeem their food benefits, join the amiPASS network. Our consultants are ready to help you.

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