Benefits for Being an amiPASS Member

Our top priority has always been the individual above all else. Work is a part of life, but what's most important is that the person is well, comfortable, so they can feel in an environment of trust and comfort that allows them to develop their talents to the fullest and thus contribute 100% to the company.


  1. Meal Benefit: With just one click, you can inject funds to your employees and control them through a self-administrable platform 24/7. Your workers will be able to consume in more than 30,000 shops and restaurants throughout Chile using our app.
  2. GiftCard: You will be able to directly purchase Gift Cards to reward and retain your company employees. These cards can be recharged with pre-established amounts and used in the outlets of those retailers with which we have an alliance.
  3. Nursery Benefit: You’ll be in the best hands. We have more than 700 childcare nurseries throughout Chile available to deliver this benefit to the mothers you employ, and they are fully compliant with all current regulations. We will accompany you throughout the process, from selecting the nursery through to registering the child.
  4. amiLIFE: It is a platform with content designed for the present days. You will have tips to improve your daily life in various aspects. For example, tips for physical and mental health care (psychological). Additionally, you will find an e-book and videos with masterclasses and articles related to environmental care. Es una plataforma con contenido pensado en los días actuales. Tendrás tips para mejorar tu día a día en varios aspectos. Por ejemplo, consejos para el cuidado de la salud física y mental (psicológica). Además  encontrarás un e-book y videos con clases magistrales y artículos relacionados al cuidado del medio ambiente.

    El acceso al contenido dependerá del pack contratado y se encontrará en amilife.cl, tus colaboradores tendrán un acceso asignado y podrán disfrutar de:

    Clases: Nutrición, Cocina Saludable con bajo impacto al medio ambiente, Yoga, Baile

    E-Book: Cuidados con el medio ambiente, Recetas con tips de ahorro, Trabajo en equipo

    Notas: Recetas veganas – Reutilización de comida (que nada se pierda)

Our commitments to companies: 99% customer satisfaction, +30,000 shops and restaurants, we are eco-friendly, quick and effective customer service, easy-to-use app, and immediate recharges.

For any questions, write to us directly at www.amipass.com

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