Eco-friendly is more than a trend

 The "green movement" is clearly a trend but we must understand that above all it is a necessity. Humanity’s next great challenge is to take care of the environment and reduce our impact as soon as possible!

Green energy, solar panels, recycling, reducing food waste... We are all aware of the importance of protecting our planet. But how can we make a difference? Indeed, this doesn’t just depend on each of us as individuals, but on the multiplier effect of society as a whole. It is important to know that for every person who changes their habits, another 10 follow.

Today the environment is seriously threatened, but we can help protect it by being aware of our impact on the planet.

For example, food waste is a really huge problem. One third of all food is lost or wasted. This is equivalent to almost two billion tons of food. If 25% of the food that is wasted were recovered, 870 million hungry people could be fed.

Food waste is one of the main causes of food insecurity, as people around the world suffer from not having enough food. Food waste is also a big problem in terms of climate change, as it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

We hear about this constantly but what can we really do to change things? Being more respectful of the environment is easy and simple and we can all make small changes that have a big impact on our environment. Think globally, act locally!

We can start today by reducing our own food waste and encouraging others to do the same.

For example, what is the first thing you do when you open the refrigerator and see a food product that has passed its sell-by date or looks bad? Undoubtedly your answer is to throw it away. But have you ever stopped to think about the consequences of wasting food?

Let me share a fact that is of concern to everyone. The human population is projected to reach 9 billion people by 2050. At the current rate of food consumption, we would need to have three planet earths to supply enough food for everyone. The only solution is for us to change our habits and reduce our waste as much as possible.

We can’t wait any longer! We must act now for the environment.

El cambio climático no es un mito, está ocurriendo ahora mismo y todos somos responsables de él, por eso es que debemos ver lo eco-friendly no como una tendencia, no como algo superfluo, sino que debemos cambiar la forma en que pensamos y actuamos, y por lo menos por mi parte ya lo estoy haciendo en mi día a día y desde amiPASS. hemos diseñado un roadmap para ser la eco-friendly fintech que cambie la industria alimentaria y su impacto en desechos.

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