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We are amiPASS, a fintech startup with a mission to transform the food industry by making it more sustainable by reducing waste by connecting consumers with businesses through technology.

We are amiPASS, a fintech startup whose mission is to make the food industry more sustainable by using technology to connect consumers with businesses in order to reduce food waste. We believe that reducing food waste is one of the most important things we can do to save our planet. Every year we throw away 1.3 billion tons of food. To give you an idea, this is almost as much as the weight of all the cars in the entire world. This is why a group of passionate designers, talented programmers and experienced entrepreneurs has decided to create an application that uses artificial intelligence to match supply and demand in order to reduce the impact of projection or calculation errors.

But how will our technology allow us to achieve this?

  • It provides a simultaneous integrated model between consumers and retailers
  • It makes it possible to use predictive artificial intelligence to forecast future consumption
  • It matches supply and demand to adjust production to needs
  • It includes gamification to generate incentives for people to adopt ecological practices
  • It permits programmatic lead generation for food destocking
  • It provides real-time interaction between consumer needs and supply generation

Our APP uses a simple interface to generate opportunities to significantly reduce the impact of food businesses, decreasing waste and promoting green practices.

This may seem like a mere list of technological attributes, but we see it as something more since through bits and lines of code we know that we can help change consumption habits to reduce the enormous impact of food waste. Of course, what is even better is that the idea is to “Save the planet by eating” and eating what we like.


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