Make it at home! Reuse, recycle and reinvent with the objects you no longer use

Saving money and taking care of the environment are some of the benefits you get when you give another use to an object you no longer use. You only need to take a few minutes to learn how to reuse those objects that you have forgotten.

To take care of the planet, the 3 R's rule must be applied (Reduce, recycle and reuse), thus generating a change in consumption habits, achieving a decrease in the environmental impact on natural resources.

However, with the emergence of planned obsolescence, the repair of objects has taken a back seat, so today it is usual that an object does not exceed five years of use. However, the "do it yourself", also known as do it yourself, can extend the life cycle of a product or use it as raw material to create a new one.

So, it's time to learn how to reuse those objects you have at home.

Transform your cans into good flower pots

We have a nice idea and we want to share it. Today we propose you to reuse those cans that are usually discarded, to turn them into flower pots for the home. It is a great idea because:

  • Cuidamos el medio ambiente
  • Enseñamos a los niños de la casa a reducir, reutilizar y reciclar
  • Dejamos volar la creatividad e imaginación
  • Le damos nuevo hogar a alguna plantita
  • What do you need? 2 cans // Paintbrushes // Paint //Earth


  • Limpiemos bien las latas, sacamos etiquetas o sobrantes
  • Pintemos color a preferencia o también algún dibujo
  • Coloquemos la tierra en la maceta
  • Plantemos

Other cute ways to decorate your cans

  • With paper or fabric. If your can has rims and you want to use them, paint the rims (you can have up to 3 coats of paint). Mark the height of the can on your paper and cut it out. Then wrap around the can and measure the length. Add 1 centimeter for the paper to overlap on itself.
  • With fabrics. Using raffia, needles and ribbons, you can make beautiful containers such as for the toilet, pencils, to put flowers, etc.
  • With natural elements. You can decorate your cans with sticks. To hold them, you can use simple rubber bands, until all the sticks are in place. Finally, to decorate you can add whatever your creativity dictates.

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