Now You Can Save Products to Stop Wasting Food

The ecological trend is growing by the day, but we have to stop talking and start acting. amiPASS has gone green and added a new tool to its app: Save Products.

It is nothing new that companies have started engaging in small acts to lower the carbon footprint of the services they offer. Since 2021, the FinTech amiPASS has been working to reduce its environmental impact, collaborating with ecofriendly stores and educating its users in green practices.

Under their new slogan “Let’s Save the Planet by Eating,” they have sealed their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and taking a hard line against food overproduction. Every year, more than 1,300 tons of food is thrown away, and this cannot continue to go unnoticed.

“The focus is on avoiding excess food production. Pollution occurs right there, in the production,” says Patricio Dueñas, founder & CEO of amiPASS.

As a result of this business model, amiPASS has managed to connect businesses and consumers. They are looking to bring supply closer to demand. Put simply, they want us to stop producing more food than is going to be sold and stop buying more products than we are going to consume.

How does Save Products work?

It’s really easy! “As the name suggests, the idea is that consumers can save (buy) products that are going to expire and start saving the planet by eating,” says Claudia Hidalgo, development and experience manager at amiPASS.

The goal is to help businesses, as they can sell everything they have in stock and better understand how much they have to produce. Meanwhile, the consumer will be able to choose quality products at lower prices and prevent them from ending up in the trash.

“We started with scheduled sales and now we’re going for more. We don’t want food to keep being lost,” Ms. Hidalgo adds.

Patricio Dueñas, CEO of amiPASS, tells us that this FinTech is “the link between businesses and consumers, with a model that allows permanent simultaneous online matching, intended to promote responsible consumption.” The tool, therefore, aims to reduce the food that ends up in the garbage and thus reduce the carbon footprint of an industry that is harmful to the environment. “Our first goal is to reduce waste by half in the medium term,” Mr. Dueñas concludes.

amiPASS is forming part of a global trend; in Chile, it is breaking new ground by betting firmly on the link between businesses and consumers to achieve responsible consumption. The offer is on the table. Be conscious of how you eat.

The update is now available in the app on both Android and IOS platforms. You can download it for free. If you want to find out more, visit our social networks @amipass.chile and our website www.amipass.com to start saving the planet by eating.

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