Vegetables and legumes are our best allies for reuse

It is estimated that around one third of the world's food production is wasted.

The figure is shameful, and reducing it should be an essential goal of society.

Not only because of the injustice of throwing food away while so many go hungry, but also because of the negative impact of irresponsible consumption, which results in unnecessary waste of resources (raw materials, energy, water) and an increase in pollution and the carbon footprint of production and distribution processes.

Join the campaign "Recycle, reduce, reuse food...Don't waste".

What can you do? Simple, take advantage of the additional goodness that most vegetables and legumes offer you:

a) There is always an ugly vegetable in the refrigerator, one that can be there for weeks. It is better to boil it and prepare a delicious soup or cream of pumpkin, carrot, Italian pumpkin, onion, etc...

b) Sometimes there is leftover salad, lettuce, tomato, corn. Add a protein (hard-boiled egg, fish, meat, chicken, pork, whatever) and make a delicious salpicón.

c) With leftover vegetables you can create delicious meatballs, for example lentils with rice.

High-level political agreements are useless if we are not aware that the possibility of building a better future depends on each and every one of us.

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