How to save products with technology management: Tips to reduce losses in your business

Product losses are an inescapable part of any business, but with the right technology, you can minimize their impact on your profits. Here are some tips to help you reduce product losses in your business:

1- Keep an accurate record of your inventories: Knowing exactly what you have in stock is the first step to minimizing losses . Use an inventory tracking system to keep an accurate record of the products in stock.

2- Monitor the expiry date of your products: Out-of-date products are one of the main causes of product losses in most businesses. Be sure to rotate your products and use them before they expire.

3- Use technology to plan your orders: Use an application like amiPOS to plan your orders accurately. This will allow you to ensure that you always have the right quantity of products in stock, avoiding excess stock that will run out of shelf life before it is used.

4- Liquidation of products at very low prices: With the amiPOS application, you can liquidate products at very low prices before they expire and communicate these offers through the amiPASS application. This will allow you to recover some money before you have to dispose of the products

5- Implement a product rotation system: Make sure to you rotate your products periodically to minimize the risk of them going out of date before they are sold. 

6- Train your staff: Teach your team how to control and minimize losses in your business, for instance showing them. The correct way to store products and the importance of rotating stock to avoid products going out of date.

In short, technology can be a great ally in the fight shrinkage product losses in your business. Use tools like amiPOS to control stock, plan your orders and liquidate products at very low prices before they expire. With these tips and the right technology, you can reduce waste and increase your profits.

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