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99% customer satisfaction for corporate clients
We have the support of our corporate clients to ensure that we have the best food service in Chile.
We are eco-friendly
We develop tools so you can save the planet by eating. We work with eco-friendly certified establishments; you can save products and calculate the reduction of the carbon footprint.
Easy-to-use APP.
We develop a fast, simple, and easy-to-use ecosystem so that paying or ordering from your favorite places is not an issue
+30,000 businesses, restaurants, and the widest network of supermarkets in Chile
Fast and effective customer service
Assigned executive to resolve doubts, hire additional services, and keep you informed of all updates.
Immediate top-ups
Manage top-ups for your collaborators in minutes through our corporate platform. It has never been so easy, fast, and secure.

Our Commitments

In 2024, we will continue to improve every day to validate ourselves as the best food benefit for companies in Chile.

  • 99% customer satisfaction for corporate clients
  • We are eco-friendly
  • User-friendly app
  • Online management platform for human resources
  • +30,000 businesses and restaurants
  • The widest network of supermarkets in Chile
  • Fast and effective customer service
  • Immediate top-ups

Thousands of companies trust us.

and more than 500,000 happy users

"I recommend amiPASS because it works, they are reliable, fast, and approachable."

Cecilia Ducci, Head of Quality of Life – Tanner

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Food Benefit

With just one click, you can inject funds to your employees and manage them through a self-administrable platform 24/7. Your workers will be able to use our app to make purchases at over 30,000 businesses across Chile.

  • 100% Autonomous Operation
  • Automatic Reloads
  • 100% Online Service
  • Cutting-edge Technology tailored to clients' needs
A sporty woman in sportswear is sitting on the floor with dumbbells and a protein shake or a bottle of water and is using a laptop at home in the living room. Sport and recreation concept.

What is amiLIFE?

It is a 100% digital platform aimed at improving the quality of life of your employees. It offers fully online services so that your employees can use it anywhere in Chile.

Nutrition Classes, Psychology, Healthy Cooking with low environmental impact, Yoga, and Dance

E-book on Environmental Care, Recipes with savings tips, Teamwork

Notes on Vegan Recipes, tips for Food Reuse (so nothing goes to waste)

Gift card

They can directly purchase physical or digital Gift Cards to reward and retain company employees. These cards can be loaded with pre-set amounts for use in the extensive Retail network we have throughout Chile.

Childcare Room

You will be in the best hands. We have more than 700 Childcare Rooms throughout Chile available to provide this benefit to your employees who are mothers, complying with all current regulations. We will accompany them throughout the process, from selecting the Childcare Room to enrollment.

Contamos con una plataforma especial para ayudarte en la selección de la Sala Cuna. Te permitirá solicitar la matrícula de manera directa por parte del administrador

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